Where are you located?
Our corporate office is located at 6132 Oakton Street, Morton Grove, IL 60053.  Our other facilities are located at 3152 S. California Ave., Chicago, IL 60608 and 6201 W. Canal Bank Rd., Forest View, IL 60402.

How can I get my waste to your facility?
LRS can drop off a variety of dumpsters in a wide range of sizes to your worksite. When you are ready we will pick the dumpster up, return it to our processing facility, and process your waste. You may also elect to deliver your waste directly to our facility with your own vehicles. Please click here for instructions on how to deliver your waste.

Will you accept waste from homeowners?
Yes, we accept all types of C&D waste from homeowners. This includes vegetation and yard waste as well.

I only have a small amount of waste, how will you charge me?
Our processing costs are based on the weight of your delivered waste. When you enter our facility we will weigh your vehicle.  When your load is emptied we then weigh your vehicle again and you will only pay based on the difference in weight.

What hours are you open?
Our facility is open to the general public from Monday at 4 AM to Saturday at 3 PM. During this time we are open 24 hours a day.

What is C&D waste?
C&D stands for Construction and Demolition waste. This includes a wide variety of materials including stone, brick, asphalt pavement, asphalt shingles, lumber, metal, wire, glass, and drywall.

Can you handle large projects?
Yes, we have the resources to support the needs of extremely large projects such as road demolition or large building demolition. Our sales team welcomes the opportunity to bid on your specific project requirements.

Can you support LEED projects?
Yes, we have extensive experience with LEED projects. Our administrative team will track your registered project waste stream and provide all reports and documentation to ensure compliance.

I have no idea what size dumpster I will need can you help me?
Don’t worry, we provide a wide variety of dumpster sizes. You can either call our sales team at 773-685-8811 for more information or see some examples on our website by clicking here.


Do you accept tires?
No, if a tire is found in your load there is an additional charge. The cost for tires is $5/car tire and $10/truck tire.

What if our recyclable material is commingled with trash?
That is our specialty! We accept and process mixed loads of material to make your job easy at no additional charge. Our state of the art facility and dedicated staff will sort your debris to maximize recycling and minimize material being sent to a landfill.

Do you accept straight loads?
Yes, we provide a variety of recycling options for just about any commodity. The most popular straight loads that we receive are concrete, dirt, metal, and cardboard.

What type of items do you not accept?
Unfortunately LRS does not accept hazardous material, special waste, paint, pesticides, oil, liquid waste, contaminated drums, or white goods. We also do not accept Asbestos or Asbestos Contaminated Material at our facility however we are licensed to haul it with our trucks. To better serve residents, the City of Chicago and many local municipalities provide household hazardous waste collection facilities. You can contact the City of Chicago or your local municipality for more information.

Can you place a dumpster on the street?
Yes, however for many streets and alleys a permit may be needed. LRS offers 3 day and 30 day permits. For streets please allow for 2-3 parking spaces so that our truck can safely drop the box. The city charges an additional rate for metered spaces. Please note that city ordinances require that alleys must be 16 feet wide or larger to drop a box.