Construction Dumpster

Whether you are putting up a high rise, demolishing a building, or tearing off a roof, LRS has the experience and equipment to handle any of your construction dumpster rental and demolition jobs. For nearly 40 years, our family operated business has built a strong reputation with area builders and contractors. Since we are not one of the “Big Waste” companies you can trust in knowing that you will receive the great service that you deserve at a competitive price. Our Union drivers and facility operate 24/7 so we are always here to service you or help answer any questions.

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We provide two options for service:

1. Pickup: With a dedicated dispatch, a large fleet of trucks, and over 600 containers specially designed for hauling C&D debris, we can service your jobs quickly.

2. Drop-off: Our state of the art material recovery facility is open to the public to bring in their waste and debris transported by their own vehicle.

Other Services:

  • 10 yard – 30 yard boxes
  • Computerized-dispatch system
  • 100 yd transfer trailers
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Flat bed trucks
  • Dutch door boxes
  • Hook boxes to be lifted by crane
  • Closed Asbestos (ACM) containers
  • Special waste hauling
  • Hauling and Purchasing of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Supplier of construction material (stone, re-crushed concrete, sand, top soil, mulch)
  • MBE and WBE certified participation is available
  • Concrete washout services

LRS Dumpster Rental does the paperwork and tracking for your projects. We fill out city affidavits and submit recycling reports to you to make your job easy. We have proven success in exceeding requirements for both LEED certification and the City of Chicago Recycling Mandate. We have worked on over 100 LEED projects so far which have all achieved the maximum 2 points for recovery rates. Our C&D recycling recovery rates typically range from 75-95% depending on the type of job and material it consists of.