Commercial Dumpster

LRS Dumpster Rental offers reliable recycling and waste removal services for commercial properties, manufacturing companies, and industrial plants. We provide both compactor and roll-off service in addition to any other equipment you might need.  We make it easy for your company to reduce their impact on the environment. At LRS our Commercial dumpster rental service includes removing recyclable material out of the waste stream and prevent it from being sent to a landfill. You can feel comfortable in knowing that at LRS we are turning your waste into new resources. We also provide documentation showing how much material your company has diverted from the landfill. One of our specialists would be happy to provide you with a free waste audit customized for your business.

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Roll-off and Compactor Service

Roll-off trucks are designed to transport open top boxes in addition to compactor receiver containers. Our standard roll-off truck will handle loads up 20,000 lbs.

  • Roll off (open top) boxes are ideal for large quantities of debris including heavy and bulky items. They are convenient to use since just about anything can be placed inside.

Compactor receiver containers are recommended in high volume waste situations. They hold compressed material to maximize space. However caution is advised when placing heavy or bulky material inside of a compactor since it can damage the machine