Recycling Facility

Our material recovery facility (MRF) is designed to accept and process commingled material and straight loads. We are permitted by the City of Chicago to handle construction and demolition (C&D) material and municipal solid waste (MSW).


Transfer Station Rules and New Customer Guide:

  • The speed limit is 10 miles/hour.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere on our property.
  • Trucks need to be tarped prior to entering the facility to prevent debris from flying out on our service drive. Tarps must be removed prior to entering the scale, the tarping area is located at the end of the drive to the left.
  • Make sure to weigh in and out each time you deliver material to our facility.
  • Make sure to wait until the other truck is off the scale before entering.
  • If you are a cash customer, after weighing in come inside the building to leave a deposit.
  • Visitors should wear hard hats, high visibility safety vests, safety glasses, and closed toed hard soled shoes.
  • Obey all LRS Transfer Station signs and safety regulations.

We offer SPECIAL PRICING for General Contractors, Construction and Demolition Debris, Clean Heavies, Recyclable Materials and Yard Waste


We are located just north of the canal, turn in the driveway on the westside of California – follow the signs.


Mon-Fri 24 hrs;  Sat till 3:00;
Sun closed till 4:00 am Mon

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